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Posted on 19th Jun at 12:59 PM

Anonymous said: Honestly it's really not strong and they look like commas but okay

i thought you “weren’t saying this in a mean way at all” haha???

Posted on 19th Jun at 9:46 AM

Anonymous said: I'm really not saying this is a mean way at all, but because I think everyone around you isn't being truthful, but maybe it would be in your best interest to not fill in your eyebrows so dramatically and use a lighter shade? I get you can do what you want with your body and what not, but it would look more natural and striking if you toned it down a bit and tried a different shape. Eyebrow game would be stronger.

1) i honestly dont care if everyone around me “isnt being truthful” thats their problem not mine
2) if i used any lighter color it wouldnt match the literal shade of my eyebrows and im not even changing the shape of my eyebrows i only fill in
3) i dont understand the point of this ask because if i can do “whatever i want with my body” why are you telling me what to do
4) filled in eyebrows are kawaii and my eyebrow game is strong as frick lmao

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